onsdag 1. juli 2015

New card

I had to make a new business card. This is it. I also had a couple printed as a3 posters for a con I did last weekend, and they sold out. :)  It looks better in print then on screen to be honest :P 

I'll put up some pictures from the con soon. :) It was a super fun and extremely tirering time. Can't wait for the next one.

tirsdag 3. mars 2015

Eostre, character

Eostre, Half-Elf rouge level 1.
Yes I have started playing D&D.

torsdag 24. juli 2014

Pirates and thoughts

I have watched a few documentaries about illness lately. That gave this desperate need to draw wile I sill can hold the stylus. This is what came out. 

It also reminded me to never take my relative health for granted. And to be thankful for every day I can still do the thing that gives me the most joy; art and crafting.

And I know nothing about ropes on ships....

torsdag 12. juni 2014

It's SUMMER? Must have missed spring...

Guess what? This weekend I am going to a viking fair, or Kaupang as it's called. I am really excited and will make sure to bring my camera. Oh, just imagine all the beautiful historically correct clothes I shall see.

Anyway. On to the art:

This is a bear. Rawr.
I like typography, and scary beasts.
Ah, Summer love. Or something.
I rather like drawing knees. Is that weird?

mandag 10. mars 2014


Recently i have been embroidering. YAY new crafts!
Have a look at some of the stuff I've been making.

Sorry about the bad quality. My power shot camera is not cooperating with me lately so these were taken with my phone.


I also got some of my prints hung up finally. So you have seen these illustrations before. But now they are on a wall. And you can get your own, unframed, copy for the low, low price og 500 NOK. ;) Contact me if you are interested or if you want something made.

onsdag 26. juni 2013


I don't like that hipster shit...

...I'm so happy....